A Whole New World

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Midweek Update

August 17, 2005 Leave a comment
I noticed I’ve been updating every 4 days recently, so today must be the day.
I’m well into the third week of working in the office full-time. Everything is still going well. True, I sometimes take a nap when I get home. Of course, if I went to bed earlier, that might not be necessary.
I’ll have numbers to report next week after I go to the clinic for labs on Tuesday.
Until then . . .
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OK, Here’s an Update

August 13, 2005 Leave a comment
Sorry for the lack of updates. Just not feeling very talkative lately.
Anyway, the visit with Dr. Beveridge on Wednesday went well. Counts are still good. White count and neutrophils have dropped and are actually a little below normal, but nothing to be alarmed about. Hematocrit is up to 35.3%, approaching the low end of normal. Platelets continue to be plentiful at 330.
I am continuing on a lesser dosage of Bactrim (and will be for several months). The cough is gone and my lungs are clear, but he doesn’t want to take any chances. My creatinine level (kidney function) is a little elevated, so I need to do a better job of drinking water.
He does’nt need to see me for another month. I will be going to the clinic for labs on 8/23 in connection with the Neupogen/Neulasta study.
Other than that, things are normal. I’ve worked two full weeks with no ill consequences. Now, I’m just trying to stay cool by visiting the pool and staying in the A/C.
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Normalcy Runs Rampant

August 9, 2005 Leave a comment
Just a brief update for those who are still checking and finding nothing new.
Life continues to be back to normal. I’m feeling better than ever.
After a full work week, I worked at home Monday (due to only one car available and not wanting to take germy public transportation).
I’ll be working at home again Wednesday because of a doctor’s appointment in the middle of the day. After the visit with Dr. Beveridge, I’ll be able to report numbers again.
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Back to Work Day 5

August 5, 2005 Leave a comment
I worked 2 more full days (6:30 to 3:00)  Wednesday and Thursday. I went swimming after work again on Thursday. 
No naps since Tuesday. Even went out to eat Wednesday night (to celebrate my favorite aunt-in-law’s birthday) and came home after 11:00.
Today (Friday), I was back again at 6:30. The first week back to normal has gone very well.
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Back to Work Day 3

August 3, 2005 Leave a comment
I worked full days (6:30 to 3:00) Monday and Tuesday. Monday I went swimming after work. It felt great to be back in the pool.
Tuesday afternoon, I needed a nap when I got home. So I went to bed for 3 hours.
Today (Wednesday), I was back again at 6:30. I seem to be holding up fine so far.
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Back to Work

August 1, 2005 Leave a comment
Sorry about the lack of posts Saturday and Sunday. No special reason.
I saw Dr. Beveridge Saturday. He said my blood counts looked great and I must be trying to prove him wrong. White count neutrophils went up, and platelets were up to 299 (which he found amazing). The hematocrit dropped a little to 32.6%, but the hemoglobin level (another way of measuring red cells) stayed the same at 10.7.
I’m still taking Bactrim, though he cut the dose a little. I’ll see him in the middle of next week.
So, here I am back at work. Got up early and was here by 6:35. So far so good.
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